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In the street there is a wonderful sunny weather, so you do not want to sit at home, but you want to walk, sunbathe, swim. And to look while doing this is stunning, but at the same time it is easy and feminine. That's about this today, and we'll talk in my response. What can be better for summer than a beautiful light sundress that will emphasize your dignity and hide faults. It was such a sarafan I bought a year ago in the online store Chic Me. I looked at him for a long time, I thought which coloring should be chosen. Multiple rave reviews only spurred my interest. When the discount on the coupon appeared on the sarafan, I, without thinking for a long time, issued an order. Cost me a purchase of about $ 20. I prepared for a long wait, completely forgot about the dress, but after 8 days I received a notice. In what I was surprised and delighted that it turned out to be my dress. It was packed well, there was a slight smell. But the most important thing is 100% coincidence with the picture, one in one. I chose a dress with flowers of red and blue. The print is very clear and bright. The dress itself is not pure white, but slightly yellow, but it does not spoil the overall appearance. In the waist it is on an elastic band, but it is not tight at all, it does not put pressure anywhere. The stitches were all smooth and of high quality, a couple of threads protruded, but I quickly cut them off. Whatever anyone says here, but the material of the synthet dress, it does not breathe, but given its style, it's still not hot in it. Size and impressions: My parameters: chest girth — 89, waist circumference — 68, girth of hips — 90, height of 156 centimeters. I was dressed very well on the dress, it could even be shorter. But due to the fact that it stretches well, it will be suitable for large parameters. Now my emotions: it's just fantastic in its simplicity and attractiveness of the dress. In it you are not a fatal woman, not a glamorous girl, but a feminine and elegant girl, charming and sweet. Perhaps it is the simplicity and lack of modern girls. Of course, I recommend everyone look at this charming dress and online store Chic Me, this is the perfect summer option, men will please you with compliments. Successful shopping and do not forget to use promo codes.