Chic Me Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Do you like dresses as well as I do? Once again looking through the catalog of dresses on the official website of the online store Chic Me, I focused on this dress — a simple, pretty, beautiful coloring and low price. Decided to order, why not. Ordered at the end of autumn during Global Shopping Festival 11.11. I advise you to do the same, it cost me $ 20. The dress was not as bright as the picture in the store, and it does not matter. The length is short, suitable for girls with a height of up to 165 centimeters. The fabric does not shine, it is generally dense, with the inner and outer sides different to the touch. On the inside, it is more smooth and tender, and from the outside — velvety. In general, I recommend the dress. If it turns out to be short, you can walk around in it, rinse the beds, and sleep, I do not know, anything! I wish all successful and pleasant purchases!