Chic Me official online store

I adore online shopping, I can spend hours examining each product in them, and then weighed all the pros and cons of making an order. The experience of Internet shopping at me is already decent, I ordered a lot of things in different shops and always something did not suit me, either the delivery is long, or the thing is not as promised. And then I learned about the official online store Chic Me, went to the site and somehow immediately became trusted, everything is so cute and at home. Began to look assortment and he is excellent! I really like things in this style, but not the same fashion as now, where they offer a lot, tattered dresses with spots of unknown origin or just some grandmother's rags, I just do not like that, I like things that seem to be with a touch of another era. And it was on this site that I found what I had been looking for so long. I ordered a wonderful dress there, paid through PayPal and waited. The order came to me about 20 days, the delivery is free. And today I finally received my order. The dress was a hundred times better than I expected, with a lining, of good fabric, even better than it was in the picture on the site! I'm really very happy! It cost about $ 25. In our small town, I would not have found it for $ 50! I'm very happy and now this is my favorite online store, I will order more and more from it! By the way, the store has very good technical support, I wrote there — I was worried that there with my order and I was answered literally in the course of an hour, all painted, calmed and so on. In general, to all fans of online shopping I highly recommend the official online store Chic Me! Especially for those who love fashionable things made with taste, and not some rags, which unfortunately are offered everywhere, especially in provincial towns, in which good brands are rarely imported.