Gamiss official site of online store

This review I decided to write in defense of the official site of online store Gamiss that I liked. I liked the site 2 years ago, my friend and I became interested in it, because the prices were very tempting, and the choice is simply gigantic. At that time I did not order anything myself, so I asked a friend. Things came to me and I was very pleased, I was afraid, I was waiting for them and preparing for the worst. For those times, the reviews were few and the only thing I was content with, and thanks to what I decided to order in this store, these are bloggers, I saw their stuff in the fashion groups in social. networks and in youtube. And after I had ordered all the packages, I was happy. My long-awaited! Upset me just one pants, because they turned out to be small and later I often noticed them on the street on other girls, and girls far from fashion and trends, well, it happens, not without it, but that's what pleased, so this is what The rest of things on others in my city I have not met! So let's start the most interesting, compare the expectation and reality: I fell in love with the shirt right away, it's beautiful, it's been more than two years now, and I still love it! I love the coat even more than the shirt. The first year I dressed him occasionally, but this year I almost did not climb out of it and still feel stylish in it, which is nice! And finally, a T-shirt and a skirt: I carry a T-shirt almost without getting out the second summer, cool, what else can I say! The skirt is also cool, but I did not wear it this summer, simply because of the inconvenience, since I am the mother of a 3-year-old daughter, with whom she wears a skirt extremely uncomfortable. But I think I'll give you heat next summer! What I want to say at the end, you do not need to order extremely cheap things and wait for super-quality, this happens extremely rarely! Read the reviews before buying. My girlfriend, by the way, too, came excellent clothes and shorts, qualitatively sewn, so do not need to read a couple of bad reviews to be afraid of this store. I think that on my example I showed that the official site of online store Gamiss deserves attention!