Lightake Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I look around for backpacks for a long time. But, first of all, not because of fashion trends, but because of the convenience. For example, walking with a child is very convenient when the hands are free. In my experience of finding a nice backpack at an affordable price, I can say that they are not very cheap. For example, a backpack of leatherette was cheaper than $ 30 I did not see. And for this price and material was thin, and design, to put it mildly, collective farm. And I wanted a universal option, so that the classical things fit, and the style of sports. For the sake of interest I looked at the official website of the online store Lightake. And one of the first to find it was my backpack. I really liked the look — really nothing superfluous. Great form and size! The purchase was made when the Global Shopping Festival 11.11 and the price was more than acceptable — just under $ 12. About a week later I received the order. Packed all very soundly, inside was a bloated package to keep the shape. There are no damages on the backpack: neither mint nor scratches. In addition, it is a backpack-transformer, with a light movement of the hand turns into a bag. Two handles stretch out into one. You can wear it on your shoulder like a backpack and as a bag. For example, I like to wear it for a small pen. The appearance is perfect! It looks very stylish and fits everything. There is nothing superfluous: snakes, rivets, brushes. In this case, there is an external pocket on the back side — it is convenient to store keys. And inside Many pockets to expand and cosmetics, and every little thing. Leatherette is very dense, not like a rag. And this is important — there is a guarantee that the backpack will last 3 months. The surface itself is smooth, even glossy. The stitches are all neat and level. Two months almost every day with him and very satisfied — convenient, beautiful and practical.