Lightake official online store

Hello! My dream came true, my backpack came, which I bought on the official online store Lightake. I have been wanting a backpack for over a year, I could not find what I like, and then I came across this Big Oxford Cloth Casual Backpack New Fashion School backpack. In fact, I saw such a model more than once, but apparently it was in this color that he sunk into my soul, and I ordered it. By the way, I ordered it on August 24, and today it's already on August 31. All thanks to the delivery of ePacket. I chose the color universal. It will suit, as it seems to me, to any clothes and to any season of the year. The backpack came in perfect quality. Inside was an air cushion so that the rucksack was not wrinkled. Inside, there are a lot of pockets and it's very roomy — considering that I can put a purse, make-up bag, jacket and a container of food in a small purse, then I can even remove the form for the gym with sneakers. The size of the backpack is also ideal. It's very light, very straightforward! The price is $ 9. I recommend the backpack to buying, like the official online store Lightake. Delivery of ePacket in my experience is the fastest, and here it is also free!