RoseGal Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Something began to attract me models of lace-up jumpers, perhaps, by their unusualness and a combination of different textures. Especially beautiful looks lace + leather, but other fabrics with laces look good too. So we will dismantle this jumper today. First let's take a look at the brief characteristics of the Lace Trim Panel Casual Knit Top, which I bought at the RoseGal store during Global Shopping Festival 11.11: Discount price: $ 15.61. Price without discount: $ 23.65. Color: in one version — in gray with white lace. Dimensions: S, M, L, XL, 2XL. I ordered the size S! The size approached. There was no foreign smell. Delivery took more than a month. I arrived at the post office. I received the notification, which was put in the mailbox. Track numbers were not, to my great regret. The quality is good, the threads stuck out only from lace on the sleeves, smooth seams. Material: acrylic, polyester. What is how much — it is not clear. The material is the most ordinary, pleasant to the touch, but it does not cause strong rapturous emotions. I was happy with the purchase, and I can recommend you an online store of RoseGal. Thank you very much for your attention and good shopping!