Sunsky-Online official online store

For a long time I picked up my phone on the official online store Sunsky-Online. I already did a few purchases there, and not one of them disappointed me. So I decided to pick up my phone, since my Samsung Galaxy 4 was already fed up with me, and charging was very fast, it was not even half a day, I was constantly charging at work. Accidentally stumbled on a phone before this unknown brand of Bluboo. The phone at a discount was only $ 60. The phone came in just 5 days. Fully corresponded to what was on the photo on the store's website. I chose white for myself. According to the characteristics, everything suits me. All I need is in it. I thought that for such a price the colors and quality of the shooting would be weak. But, in principle, it turned out very even nothing. For me, not inferior to Samsung Galaxy 4, just a little paler. This phone supports 2 SIM cards. Also a memory card is supported, you can put various calls to the selected contacts, photos to contacts. In general, it has everything that is in the well-known branded phones. But the price is much nicer for him. In general, the phone is very good and absolutely not expensive. Charging holds almost a day, despite the fact that on the way to work and home I play, listen to music, read on the Internet. In general, this phone and the official online store Sunsky-Online will recommend, good shopping for you!