Tidebuy Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I walked around the well-known Tidebuy site for a very long time, looked closely, read laudatory reviews about clothes, and finally decided to order something. For a long time I did not have to choose, because my mother wanted a new dress, so I looked for her beautiful model, the order was made when the Global Shopping Festival 11.11 and the dress cost was only $ 12. Worried that our luck again will present us an unpleasant surprise and after sending money, already 10 times regretted the order. But, as it turned out, in vain. Mail pleased with their work and the dress came to us in 8 days! They were very surprised, because they did not wait for the order so soon. The purchase was very pleased with the decent quality. The threads do not stick out, everything is neatly processed, the material is very pleasant to the touch. The black flowers are smooth, like a sticker rather, but attached very well. Nowhere is it cracking, not shining. The color is as bright as the photo in the store. The size could be ordered and more, but the dress goes well and that's why this one is pretty good. In life, it looks much more beautiful than in the photo from the site Tidebuy. I advise everyone to order, especially for such money!