Tidebuy official site of online store

Like many who turned to the official site of online store Tidebuy, I learned about it from video bloggers on YouTube. At all, not from those who only take surveys, because often all things are sent to them for advertising purposes and people get money for it or they simply get things for free and estimate adequately the price and quality they can not. Now a little about the site itself. Probably one of the few where such a bonus system, for your orders and subsequent reviews about them on the site or in social networks, you receive points that you can then partially pay your order, as well as many seasonal discounts and promotions, in honor of the holidays or simply So. This screen is made at the time of writing a review, as we see discounts abound, both for individual sections and things, and for the total amount of the order. By the way, this is another small bonus, all the things from this site are delivered to you by one company, that is, it is easier to collect an order for a certain amount of money, get a discount for it and, in addition, a free expert delivery. Because on other sites things are provided by a lot of shops and by making an order with different sellers we do not get any discounts and the delivery time for things will be different. Registration on the site is very simple, because I will not describe it, any person there will figure it out. You need to enter your registration information, email and password. Most negative reviews I read on individual things or sites in general, often negative only on ignorance of people. Let's look at it in order. You always buy things in the store, it's important for you to twist, rotate, measure, look at yourself, think, check all the shovchiki and threads. And then suddenly you get the idea to order a thing on the Internet. Immediately put yourself in front of the fact that you will see the thing only after you have bought it and paid it, you will not check all the strings, folds, locks. If for you it's so important, thread with a millimeter on the inverted side of things, forget about shopping on the Internet. Because she will be there for sure. And this is not a marriage of a thing and its not a quality. In the store things come the same, just then they are ironed, ironed, checked, what kind of obvious strings are removed. From the Internet, the same thing will come to you from production, which ones need to be cleaned by yourself. For me, this is not critical, so I make almost all of my purchases on the Internet. The second is price / quality. It is a mistake to think that if you order a thing in an online store and you are taken to it from China, for $ 1 you will buy something cool. Yes, the prices for many things are lower there, but they are still worth something, for a song nothing will sell you anything good. Therefore, if you buy a $ 3 T-shirt, and when it comes in frustration and frustration, hurry to write a bad review to the seller, that you came with some kind of rag from synthetics, and not a silk blouse, here the conclusion is obvious. For what they paid then they received. Yes, there are certainly a lot of good offers, where for a little money you can really get a good thing, but you have to be able to look for such things, just look for them, and not take the first thing you liked and understand that there are seller ratings, there are product ratings, there are descriptions and reviews , yes they are often in English, but do not be lazy to read everything, if you do not find the information write in support, you will answer everything and everyone will tell. All this was rather a general word for shopping in online stores in general, I hope someone it will be useful. Now I will tell you one more little nuance. If you rarely order clothes in online stores and do not know what kind of assortment, you can make such an error as overpay for the goods. How. Many things are provided immediately on several Internet sites and the price for them can be completely different. Where there is a mark-up, somewhere not. Most of the things on the official site of online store Tidebuy you will not find much, so how much would it not cost, if you like it, you can safely buy it. But some things are on cheaper sites. I order things on the Internet for probably more than 3 years, so where and what range I know, but if you suddenly doubt and want to check whether there is somewhere the same thing, but cheaper, copy the name of the thing from the site and enter it into other Internet shops or just in the search engine, so check and know exactly what the thing is worth and you do not overpay for it. Do not copy the entire title, so you are unlikely to find analogs on other sites, it will be enough keywords, if it's a dress with a cat, then this is also copied dress cat, cat print in the dress section. So chances are more to find what you need. Actually, for the uniqueness of some things, I liked this store. A lot of interesting and beautiful things that are difficult to find somewhere else. Fast delivery, good quality, many reviews with photos, you can always see how this thing sits on different people. Descriptions of sizes also coincide. My last order from there is a wonderful burgundy dress in paetts. I order the size S. It did not turn out as bad as on the model, but I think it was my fault, for this it was necessary to take a bigger size, but I like it and everything is fine, the packs are all in place, the shovels are neat. All successful purchases!